Several vintage cars are on display at the Rendez-vous des belles d’antan. This show featuing cars dating from 1900 to 1975 adds to the already sensational experience of visitors. The event is organized in collaboration with the members of the Voitures anciennes du Québec (VAQ) association.

During this weekend, the owners of the vintage cars on display will be on site and ready to answer questions from visitors. Arranged throughout the Village, their cars will show their splendour.

The event takes place rain or shine!

Informations pour les exposants (propriétaires de voitures ancienne)

  • Cars older than 1975 only – NEW
  • Free for the owner and his compagnion
  • Draw of participation prizes
  • Reception from 8 am to 11 am maximum (entrance of employees 3-4)
  • No alcoholic beverages except those sold on-site
  • No pets