Village Québécois d’Antan | Tasty Food Offer

Whether you want to bring your own lunch or eat a delicious meal bought on site, we have thought of everything so that you can have a bite and relax, just like in the old days! Food stations and picnic areas are at your disposal.

Those who wish to live a gourmet experience will not be disappointed as our varied and balanced menus include hot meals, cold meals, healthy snacks, and delicious vegetarian options prepared with the best local products! Doughnuts, candies, pastries, and traditional breads are also available for purchase and are a must-try during your visit. Consult the complete tasty food offer below to find out where to buy and taste our specialties, and then take a look at the village map to figure out how to get there.

Le Relais

Open: year round

With its warm atmosphere, the Relais d’antan is the ideal place to enjoy a good meal! It’s up to you to choose between a snack-style menu and a traditional menu inspired by the region. Something to satisfy the appetite of young and old!

The Belvedere: Picnic area

Open: spring and summer

The belvedere is a magnificent bistro style area offered to those who wish to consume delicacies purchased in the Village and lunches brought from home. Throughout the summer season it’s the perfect place to eat well and enjoy the warm temperature on an enchanting setting near the Saint-François River.

The Souvenir Shop

Open: summer

The souvenir shop offers a selection of candies to satisfy your sweet tooth, history books, and other souvenirs to bring back home!

The General Store

Open: summer, fall, winter

A true children’s paradise, the general store offers a giant candy counter in a typical decor. Rediscover the classic taste of candy from your childhood!

The Doughnut Shop

Open: during our activities

The doughnut shop is the place to go for a sweet treat! Enjoy authentic traditional doughnuts made the old-fashioned way. All our little delicacies are baked on site!

The Ice Cream Shop

Open: summer, fall, winter

The Ice Cream Shop offers you a various range of frozen delights that will delight young and old alike. Ice cream, slushies or tasty snacks, choose your favorite treat and enjoy it on the belvedere terrace, a picnic area just a few steps from the creamery.

The Cheese Factory

Open: summer

The village’s cheese factory sells delicious bags of cheese curds that will satisfy your savory cravings. Although the equipment is not in use, those who are interested can have the production method of this Quebec classic explained to them!

The Bakery

Open: summer and winter

Follow the delicious smell of freshly baked bread to the village bakery and have your pick of our baker’s delicious traditional pastries and loaves. Cookies, breads, turnovers, and cinnamon rolls await! Eat them on the spot or take them home for a tasty breakfast!

The Desjardins House

Open: winter

For delicious potato candies, you have to visit the Desjardins house! Discover how these traditional sweets were made!

The Farmhouse

Open: during the race of the little monsters only

This doughnut and doughnut hole point of sale is perfect to spoil your children after the Little Monsters’ Race!

The Village’s Gossip House

Open: fall and winter

Visit the village’s gossip house to eat a little snack! Depending on the season, you can even taste her mulled wine recipe!

Sanitary measures

Please note that the Village Québécois d’Antan complies with the sanitary measures in force to ensure the safety of its visitors and employees.