Plan Your Visit to the Village Québécois d’Antan

To make your life easier, we’ve gathered all the information you’ll need to plan an unforgettable day at the Village: activity schedules, Village maps, gourmet offer, picnic areas, directions to the Village, and so on. Read through our various resource pages to find answers to your questions and learn more about the Village and all it has to offer.

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Partner packages

Meal and/or accommodation packages associated with the Village Québécois d’Antan, which offer a complete experience including overnight accommodation in surrounding accommodation or meals.

Favorites – Map

The Village is full of places, each more magnificent than the last! You do not know where to start? The villagers have grouped certain favorites according to their interests. Discover them by clicking here.


For safety reasons, pets are not allowed on the site. However, we do accept all service dogs. The owner must present their dog’s ID card to prove that their animal has received appropriate training. This card includes the name of the training school, the owner’s name, and a picture of the dog.


The Village Québécois d’Antan is located near many quality accommodations. Those who wish to extend their stay in the Centre-du-Québec after their visit can choose from many options: hotels, motels, and campgrounds.

Souvenir shop

Stop by the village souvenir shop and bring back a little souvenir from your journey through time. Local products, handicrafts, historical books, educational games, soft toys, candies, village-branded products . . . the choice is yours!

Eat on site

Enjoy the delights of the Village on site. We offer a varied and balanced menu including hot meals, cold meals, healthy snacks, and delicious vegetarian options made with the best local products. You can also treat yourself to our traditional sweets and pastries.

Bring your lunch

Because we know there’s nothing like homemade food, you can bring your own lunch to the Village and sit down in one of our picnic areas to enjoy it. You can also add a special something to your lunch with our delicious products available on site.

Free parking

At the Village, parking is free, and parking spaces are easy to find since our six parking lots offer nearly 1,000 spots to park your car.

Reservation and cancellation policy

Rules of conduct and safety

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