Frequently asked questions about the haunted village

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There is no specific age for visiting the Haunted Village. There are areas for mature visitors (who likes to be scared), as well as areas for the family. Family activities are in a separate area where there are colourful characters and activities specially designed to entertain children without frightening them.

In places indicated for mature visitors, the settings and characters are designed to be scary. At the same age, some children may be afraid while others will have fun. Sometimes the children are even less afraid than the adults! We recommend that you visit the house on your own before going in with your child. Parents are in the best position to judge.

We strongly recommend buying your tickets online. You can buy your tickets the night of the event, but entry is not guaranteed if the site is full.

For the visit and meal package, reservations are required.

The Village offers so many activities that it is very likely you may not be able to see everything in a single night. We recommend arriving early, because as the evening goes on, there are more people at the Village. If you take the visit and themed meal package, you must plan the dinner time.

Children and adults can wear costumes. However, adults are prohibited from wearing a mask or face make-up, which could cause them to be mistaken for an actor of the Haunted Village.

There is no maximum number of children in the family rate. However, it is very important to note that the family pricing applies to a couple and their children aged 12 and under. A single adult accompanied by his/her children cannot be paired with another adult (brother, sister or friend) to form a “family” in order to benefit from the family rate.

Pregnant women are discouraged from visiting the areas for mature visitors, especially because some places are narrow (corridors or small spaces) and there are many people at the Village. However, you can visit the Family Zone.
There are no student discounts.
Friday evenings are usually less busy that Saturday evenings. Also, in past years, the first days after the Village opens are also less busy. As Halloween approaches, there are more visitors. Note that the Village will be open the weekend after Halloween, i.e. November 2 and 3. We always recommend arriving early, because as the evening goes on, there are more people at the Village. Note that the Family Zone opens at 5:30 p.m.

Packages including a visit to the Village and one night of lodging are available at most hotel establishments in Drummondville. Visit our packages section.

Yes. When a child age 4 years or older is accompanied by his/her parents, the family rate is the best option. Admission is free for children age 3 years or under.

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